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Quality is responsibility, integrity and dignity for Jxtpcb 
Jxtpcb will take the responsibility to pursuit of zero-defect quality tirelessly and create happiness life for human being.Quality is commercial integrity: The offering of perfect products is essential to satisfy our clients. To maintain the stability and continuous improvement in the manufacturing process, our company has carried out all-dimensional monitoring of the producing progress with the use of qualified inspecting instruments under the guidance of SPC. 

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Quality Concept
♦ The orientation of our quality management is to let customers assure.
♦ 1% defect brings 100% disaster for customer.

Management Object 
Rate of customer's complaint
Rate of passed products >99%
Rate of unqualified product ≤300 ppm
Rate of delivery on time 100%
Customer satisfaction >99%

Certification System   (UL,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 16949, SGS, REACH,ROSH)

jxtpcb,杰迅特pcb,UL,ROSH,ISO,SGS,Pcb UL,Rosh认证,UL认证,ISO认证,品质体系品质保证质量体系产品认证

Management Policy 
♦ To perfect our management system 
♦ To provide customer with satisfactory product and service 
♦ To ensure adherence to laws and regulations and make good use of the resources to promote a policy of improving product quality and environmental awareness

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